Thursday, 2 March 2017

Alphabet dating | B

B is for busy. Also bluster, bombast and befuddlement. All of which is to say that yes, this date might have happened before Christmas. Since which, life has been all CLASSES AND INTERVIEWS AND ASSESSMENTS AND HOSPITAL VISITS. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, BUT GET A WRIGGLE ON, SERIOUSLY. So yes, mistakes were made re: the passage of time. Which is 500% what I'm having on my headstone please. But now I would quite like to go on a 'C' date so here we are.

Luckily the alphabet has held up in my absence. But my memories of December are somewhat hazy, so do excuse me if I suddenly put in a unicorn or something to add spice. Facts are all a construct of human consciousness which get in the way of Good Honest Politics anyway. Or something.

Anyway: B is for Bakery! There is a gluten free baker / purveyor of generally adaptable cake in Stockbridge called Sugar Daddy's which I have been dying to try for ages because hell yes I love cake and puns. Joss knew this and gently propelled me in this direction.

And holy moly, were we glad for his propulsion. The cake! Oh my goodness, the cake. I am probably not a reliable judge of whole-spectrum cake quality given that I haven't eaten Real Flour (TM) in years, but genuinely some of the best cake I've ever tasted. And that includes child-holiday-chocolate-fudge-cake which combines sugar and nostalgia. This cake had no nostalgia in it at all (I presume, I didn't check the ingredients) and yet still tasted amazing, which is pretty special. Joss agrees that it was legit excellent cake and he gets to eat food with Real Flour (TM) in it all the time, so there you go. Confirmation. You should definitely eat this cake.

This has just turned into a love letter to cake, I'm sorry. But anyway, back to the cake. I had a nutella swirl blondie (I think?) and Joss had a peanut butter and jam slice. Also, I had that too because my puppy-dog eye game is on point. Here is a picture of the cake:

Some sort of delicious cake.
 As you can see, there is a picturesque background of mud and trees, and that is because we had a bonus B! B is also for Botanics, hooray. Eating the cake at the Botanics was an excellent plan, because we played witness to a Dad quizzing his son on long dead kings (the son's king knowledge seemed somewhat patchy given that his go-to answer was King Arthur. If that man is planning to raise a future revolutionary, they might need to have a serious talk about magic swords and dragons and their relative scarcity in today's on-the-go world). There was also a waterfall at which I could stand and reminisce about the cake. Also, there were unicorns. Toodles!

EDIT: For those unbelievers who need photographic proof of unicorns, please see below. And who are you to deny the evidence of your own eyes, eh? EH? *ends aggressive defence of a fairy-tale creature*

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