Friday, 18 November 2016

Alphabet dating: A

Hello, yes yes I've not written here for ages. However it's not a tamagotchi, and has not bleeped out on me for lack of feeding so we're all winners really.

In an effort to Live Our Best Life, we have started alphabet dating which is just as LAME and AMAZING as it sounds.

(At this point I would explain alphabet dating to you, but tbh you can probably work it out for yourself right? I'm just here for the inspiration baby)

We started strong with A is for Art. I would like to point out here that neither me nor Joss are particularly cultured souls. I can say, without irony, that I don't know much but I know what I like. And also, very sorry to any art critics out there who probably just bit off their tongues in rage. I should have probably warned you that was coming.

I do know that I like books, very much, and The Goldfinch from The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is currently exhibiting at The National Gallery of Scotland, so off we trotted.

The National Gallery of Scotland is very like the caves in a Pokemon game. No, stay with me. We were in the Prince's Street buildings (the academy, and the other one) and there are floors and doors and passageways everywhere. Also, art. Continuing the strong start, you see. Very focused application of the alphabet. Anyway, you can explore for ages, and you know you've missed stuff but you want to move on anyway and beat the elite four / see The Goldfinch. See? Just like Pokemon.

I actually loved the stuff at the Academy, they had a lot of work by invited graduates which was, variously: beautiful, astonishing, hilarious and magnetic, Sometimes all of them at once. Definitely go if you have the chance. I would have taken pictures, but I'm never sure if you're allowed to take pictures in galleries? So you'll have to take my word. I have already vouchsafed, I am not a reliable cultural witness. Do with that information what you will.

Then we did get to the other gallery, and there were lots of less modern art. The Painting Which We Went to See is haunting. You can see why it sparked such a great novel. I was most obsessed with a staircase though. The walls were entirely circular, and made out of pale brick, and it had many busts (presumably of notable types) sticking out from the wall. It was creepy and insane and I loved it. Unfortunately, it was also a staircase so I mostly got in people's way while I was busy loving it.

After all our art we were hungry, so we had chilli and chips and espresso martinis in the Brass Monkey. We should have probably had avocado or something, but I think we'd already made A work quite hard. Next is B, and Joss is in charge. Here he is planning. No-one mention the word 'bubonic'.

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