Thursday, 16 July 2015

1000 paper cranes | 133

When I started this, I envisioned neat little updates on my progress every 100 birds or so. And then I remembered I'm not a digital kind of girl, and that would mean counting every time I had a bird. And there's a reason that I could never be an effective twitcher. I like birds (well, actually, I like most birds but I don't like getting too close. Something in their little reptilian eyes always looks like they're ready to peck your face off. I like animals with big eyes. It's important to get a steady ocular connection) and I like numbers, but I'm not a natural counter.

Although I'm going to have to get better at counting as I go once I get up into the 9th century or I might just overshoot. And no-one ever got anything for making 1012 paper cranes. I suspect it's probably like blackjack, and you go bust if you go over. Which would be demoralising.

So we've been going for just over a month, and I'm at 133. This is encouraging. If I keep going at this rate, then I should have 1383.2 cranes by the end of the year. Of course, this would be useless, as per the argument above, but it certainly gives scope for the not-useless prospect of getting my 1000. 

I really thought I would be able to say something wholesome about mindfulness here, but it turns out cranes don't really demand mindfulness. You just need to make sure you get your first couple of folds right and then it's basically about pulling different bits until it does what you want (Ooer missus). It's quite nice to be able to do something with your hands that leaves your brain free though. The self help gurus should write books about that. Handfulness perhaps?

I've got my first couple of 25 bird strings done, and they are flying on the back of beads and plops from my glue gun in the window. They actually make me smile every time I look at them, and they're currently flying the coathanger way, which has the added bonus of being out of the reach of Kitten, who thinks that they are alternately delicious and out to kill him (depending on his level of paranoia).

I'll update again at some other number of uncertain significance.