Sunday, 7 June 2015

1000 paper cranes

There's a legend in Japan that if you can fold 1000 paper cranes (senzbazuru), then you get a miracle. Well, a legend makes it sound very myffic, it's big business in Japan, with kits for sale and everything. But who doesn't want a miracle, heh? And more to the point, who doesn't want a thousand paper cranes in their life?

I'm going to fold myself up a miracle. I'm *reasonably* certain one of my friends has done this in the past, so if that was you please remind me who you are and confirm to me that I will have a wish to show for my papercuts, k?

So the rules (because rules make things fun!) are:

The Senzbazuru has to be folded within one year. I started on 06/06/15 so I'll need to finish by 06/06/16. Look at all those lovely 6s! That wasn't even deliberate. Dontcha wish your girlfriend had an innate sense of aesthetically pleasing dates like me.

I can't give them away. Which is going to be interesting, because what is craft other than an excuse to palm off home-made objects of varying shoddiness on my ever gracious granny?

They have to all be folded by me. I'm cool with this. I'm not even going to let anyone near my flock of paper pretties without a full background check and a sample of saliva.

I'm sure there are variations of the challenge with more or less or different rules, but I'm happy to stick with these for now.

It's going to be a challenge enough already for a couple of reasons. Namely:

image via pinterest
Preach it Bernard! Except to be fair, I don't come from a long line of quitters, I come from a long line of women who Get Stuff Done, and then there's me at the flapping end bimbling about like Winnie the Pooh. So, if you see me over the next year, you have my permission to grab my hands and cover me in lemon juice. If I *don't* scream in papercut induced pain then shout at me to get back to folding please? Thank you.

Secondly, I am clumsy and have a tendency to tear stuff / trip over stuff / melt stuff to other stuff. Add this to the fact that I have a cat who wants to get his sharp claws into anything that I am doing and it's quite likely that these are gonna have to be some industrial strength cranes to survive.

So far, I have folded 14 cranes. Which means I only have 986 left to fold.

Oh my.

What have I got myself into?

On the reassuring side, 14 paper cranes look much more impressive than just one. I could be all pretentious about that, and say it shows that working together to build up others results in something much more beautiful than we could ever achieve on our own. I could. But  I won't inflict that on you. I'll just think it really loudly instead.

Fly, my pretties!

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