Thursday, 23 April 2015

How To | Mug Of Wisdom

Because life is easier when your crockery tells you what to do.

Does a mug count as crockery? Who cares when your tea comes from a vessel this sassy? 

I try to live by the immortal words of Bianca Del Rio.

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'Not Today, Satan!'

Short, punchy and versatile. Just how I like my men. Wait, what?

Unfortunately, sometimes I don't remember my life motto until like 3pm, by which time Satan is already kicking back on my mind couch with a cup of hot coffee. SO I needed a mug to live by. One which would allow me to ingest life wisdom with my morning tea.


Ok, so the first time I tried this, I didn't heat cure it and I was left with a blank mug after washing up. But this time it seems to have worked!* So here's what I did.

Firstly, make sure your mug is clean. Obviously. What are you, some kind of crafting animal?

Mug pre-enlightening and mug pre-baking.

Then work out your design. I recognise that some people might not want to live their lives according to the wisdom of drag queens, which is fine I guess. Anything short and punchy (or even pictorial) will work. If you choose to use the words 'Live. Laugh. Love.' in curly writing, just make sure you don't use it around me, for fear I might silently judge you / noisily bite your face off.

It might help to sketch it out on paper first or draw a rough outline on your mug with pencil. Then Sharpie it up. Be aware that the colours will change once you have baked it (my purple faded to grey) but black doesn't seem to quit. 

Then whack your oven up to the top heat. Put your mug in straight away. If you let the oven heat up with the mug all snug inside it will stop you ending up with an ovenfull of broken dreams and mug shards. Set your timer to 45 minutes and go and live your life. At 45 minutes, turn the oven off but leave it closed. About 10 minutes later, you can crack it open a bit. Leave the oven to cool with mug in situ, retrieve your precious and drink all of the tea! 

Go forth and enlighten your crockery.**

*This stands up to handwashing but I don't know if it will work for all you fancy folks with dishwashers, sorry! HT to this post for curing tips, you can find other ideas here if this method doesn't work.

**Yeah, I'm going with crockery. Deal with it. *snaps fingers*

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